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 Chiesi - one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies


Chiesi develops and distributes pharmaceuticals in 65 countries and has 25 international companies (in Europe, America, Asia and Africa). Today, Chiesi is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies in the respiratory field.

Now, Chiesi has also been established in the Nordic region, with operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. In the coming years, we plan to launch a number of drugs in the field of respiratory care.

Please read more under the heading Research and Development


Social responsibility

Chiesi strongly believes in man and that every company should focus on the individual. A company's decisions and activities have a direct impact on people: patients, company staff and family, suppliers, customers, local communities, banks, government, media, competitors and possibly others concerned.


Corporate Social Responsibility for Chiesi involves a good relationship with society and our employees, with the environment and our environment.


Chiesi Foundation Onlus

The Chiesi Foundation Onlus was founded in 2005 and is an ideal organization aimed at promoting human health and relieving patients' suffering through research, knowledge sharing and training of healthcare professionals. The focus is on respiratory, rare and neonatal diseases.